Applications Of The Coulter Principle

the coulter principle in the multisizerTo date, at least 8,000 references to Coulter Principle technology have been documented. On this page we will give just a very brief summary of its uses, but we will expand on that information elsewhere on the site. If you are in any doubt as to whether Coulter Counters are the answer to your problem, Meritics will be happy to look at your application and advise you personally.

Essentially, Coulter Counters are the ideal choice if you need very accurate and quick measurement of both size and concentration. Instruments which depend on light scattering measurements, rather than the Coulter Principle, cannot provide data on concentration. Importantly, Coulter Counters can be used regardless of material and particle colour, shape, composition and refractive index.

The variety of specialised applications is matched by a variety of specialised Coulter Counters. In the medical world, for example, there are instruments ranging from simple cell counters to large-scale, automated clinical machines for analysis of whole blood.

The many industrial and academic applications have included particle concentration measurement in sea water, which has allowed characterisation of the small organisms it contains.

The efficiency of filters can be assessed by measuring particle concentration before and after filtration. In fact, some Coulter Counters are equipped with automated wizards that calculate filtration efficiency as a function of particle size.
With the aid of advanced Coulter Counters, measurement of bacterial counts and sizes has yielded important information on growth rate and concentration.

To complement measurement of light blockage by foreign particles, Coulter Counters can provide size and count data on protein aggregates – as in the USP 788 method for protein formulations.

Another common application is measurement of emulsion size, which is a key parameter in many industrial processes. Others include counting of dust particles and of contaminants in medical devices, characterisation of microbubbles, and size measurements in adipose tissue, ink toners and abrasives. The list is almost endless.

Key Beckman Coulter products to look out for include the Z series, which is ideal for basic cell counting, and the Multisizer series, which offers expanded size ranges, digital pulse analysis and compatibility with most common industrial solvents.

Needless to say, Meritics is here to help you make sense of the many products available and to guide you through the selection process. Our telephone helpline and field-based engineers are awaiting your call.

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