Benefits of the Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter

In my July post I summarised the features and capabilities of the new Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter from Beckman Coulter. There is never enough space in a short post to do justice to such a product advance, so I thought I would return to it and say something about what it will mean to those for whom particle characterisation is a vital task.

First of all, its ability to determine sizes and counts for particles way beyond the limits of normal visibility – as well as much larger items – will be tremendously useful in ensuring that products are clean. Even particles as small as 0.2 microns are visible to this versatile instrument.

The pharmaceutical sector will particularly welcome its development, which will help in complying with industry standards. In the United States, for example, these include the USP 788 guidelines set by the US Pharmacopeial Convention in relation to particulate matter in injections. At the same time, US customers will benefit from its compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations policy 21 CFR Part 11 relating to electronic records. Customers elsewhere in the world will have similar standards to which they must adhere.

Outside the pharmaceutical world, the instrument’s enhanced ability to count and measure contaminant particles will be useful in a wide range of industrial sectors, from ink toners and filters to cosmetics and environmental monitoring. For biotechnologists, it will bring new insights and accurate data to studies of, for example, transfection, cell changes and mitochondrial, organelle and other cell component counts.

The Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter will not only simultaneously count and determine the size and volume of extremely small particles but it will monitor up to 400 channels at the same time.

Advanced digital technology brings further advantages in terms of user-friendliness and reliability. The operation of this Coulter Counter is entirely under computer control, with intuitive software, wizards and menu-driven settings helping both experienced and inexperienced users to make the most of its capabilities. For consistent results between analyses, it offers a sample management system using smart technology.

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