Haematology - glb_bci_153873Haematology – the branch of medicine concerned with study and treatment of the blood – was the very reason for the Coulter Counter’s invention and it continues to be at the heart (forgive the pun) of Beckman Coulter’s activities today.

You will doubtless be aware that the Coulter Principle was discovered by Wallace H Coulter and was first applied as a way of rapidly obtaining accurate red blood cell counts on a large scale. To this day, the same principle is still used as the basis for all blood counting solutions. Over the years, however, it has also been found to be invaluable for counts and assessments of white blood cells, other blood parameters, all kinds of human and non-human cells, and a wide variety of non-living particles besides.

The contribution of the Coulter Counter to saving lives cannot be underestimated. Building on that technology and developing the science further, the names Coulter and Beckman Coulter have become synonymous with haematology.

For a quick tour of Beckman Coulter’s wide range of biomedical testing products and activities, you could take a look at the short videos on the home page of www.beckmancoulter.com. One of them highlights the crucial importance of haematology (or hematology as it is spelled in the US) to the company and to the world.

While counts of blood cells remain an essential in diagnosis, Beckman Coulter has also done much to advance medical science’s ability to assess the shape, form and structure of blood constituents. It is a leader in automated, intelligent morphology, which adds new dimensions to analytical procedures.

With the help of Beckman Coulter’s advances, the medical profession can now analyse more clearly and deeply, identify abnormalities more readily, detect more sensitively and obtain more accurate results.

This adds up to greater efficiency in laboratories, quicker provision of vital data and improved lab capacity, which is great news for the doctors, biomedical scientists and technicians involved. Thanks to these developments, diagnosis is now faster and more reliable – which means that treatment can be started sooner and with better confidence.

Haematology - glb_bci_153873

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