Meritics – for Coulter Counters and More

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I hope the information on the Coulter Counter website is proving useful to you, but if you would like some further – and very authoritative – advice on the use of these instruments or any other particle and material characterisation technology you should speak to Meritics.

My own experience of Meritics and the support it offers has been mainly in connection with Coulter Counters, dynamic light scattering (see and the analysis of porous materials (see, but that’s only a fraction of the story.

The company was established in 2003 and is a specialist provider of sales, service and technical support, representing a whole range of leading instrument manufacturers in the field of particle and material characterisation.

Naturally, when it comes to Coulter Counters, dynamic light scattering equipment or laser diffraction instruments, you will find the world leader Beckman Coulter in the Meritics portfolio, but for any customer’s particular characterisation needs you can depend on Meritics to identify – in an unbiased way – the most appropriate manufacturer’s products.

There are so many methods and technologies to choose from, and choosing the right ones depends on a large variety of factors. For a start, what kind of material are you characterising?

Powders, aerosols, emulsions, suspensions, liquids, solids and films are just some of the possibilities, and in each case Meritics’ particle characterisation specialists can point to lab and online products that are specifically developed for the purpose.

The next question is: what criteria do you want to analyse and measure? Examples include: the number, size, size distribution and surface area of particles; pore size; zeta potential; and many more. Again the specialist team at Meritics can identify the technique that will best match your sample and process, giving you the optimum output of information.

I could also mention Meritics’ unique viscometer and flowability analyser range, its samplers and its collectors, and a host of other analytical aids, but the key point is that whatever your characterisation requirements are, Meritics can help.

As well as helping you to find equipment to meet your needs, Meritics provides comprehensive back-up including a telephone helpline, maintenance contracts, instrument training, and field-based engineers and technical support. It also has a lab that works on the development of applications and methods.

While you would normally expect to buy and own all of your analytical instruments, Meritics can help you to meet particular seasonal or short-term surges in demand by supplying equipment for hire.

Another service you might like to consider is that of Meritics’ skilled laboratory analysts, who can actually do the particle or material characterising on your behalf.