Moving the Lab Forward

I’ve just been watching a short video on the Beckman Coulter website. Entitled ‘Lab Forward’, it’s one of several videos that really help to give a flavour of the company and its philosophy.

You will find the videos here:

Looking back at the company’s history, it’s clear that the priorities of its founders continue to be reflected today. Take the very first product, developed by inventor Arnold Beckman in the shed in Pasadena where the company started out in 1935. Today the instrument he created is familiar to us as the pH meter. Back then it was seen as a huge innovation. What’s more, it gave reliable results and required no expertise from its user. Having written about Beckman Coulter for some time now, the themes of innovation, reliability and user-friendliness come up constantly.

Then there is Wallace Coulter, another great inventor, who shared the same quest to help science serve humanity. In 1946 he embarked on a series of experiments into ways of counting microscopic particles such as blood cells. A few years later he patented the Coulter Principle, on which the Coulter Counter is based. It’s astonishing to think that blood counts were previously determined by manually counting cells under a microscope.

Beckman Coulter talks about its dedication to ‘advancing and optimising the lab’, which it sees as the true foundation of patient care. The founders would surely have approved. Key aims include increasing the speed of processes and reducing their costs – both of which will benefit patients.

To achieve its aims, Beckman Coulter works in close partnership with labs – becoming familiar with their work and their needs, gaining from their knowledge and delivering innovations that help them prepare for the future.

As the video tells us, Beckman Coulter is here to move the lab forward. From what I’ve seen of the latest advances in Coulter Counter technology, to name but one area of its work, things are certainly moving forward.

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