Multisizer 4e


A new member has been added to the Coulter Counter family, from Beckman Coulter, in the shape of the Multisizer 4e. With this instrument, particles and cells as small as 0.2 microns can be accurately counted and measured.

Key features of the latest model include its new aperture of just 10 microns. While the ability to deal with very small items will be greatly welcomed, it should also be noted that this Coulter Counter will handle others of up to 1,600 microns. Particle or cell counts, distribution, volume and size are the key parameters measured.

With its unique Digital Pulse Processing (DPP), in up to 400 channels, the Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter offers unparalleled levels of high-resolution analysis and performance. Demand from the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing and industrial sectors is sure to be high.

Its advanced software and technology, including DPP, means that dynamic size measurement in real time will be possible. Increased accuracy in characterising particles and cells is achieved thanks to its high-speed digitalisation, which allows a variety of pulse parameters to be used. Factors like the colour, shape, composition and refractive index of the particles have no effect on its functioning and results.

Applications for the Multisizer 4e within the biotech world are likely to include monitoring of transfection, counts of mitochondria, organelles and other components within cells, and characterisation of cell size changes in response to changes in cultures. A key advantage in these cases is that the new instrument’s volumetric analysis delivers more accurate and informative results compared to those derived from only measuring size.

The new Coulter Counter is the latest in a long line of instruments produced since 1956 which have used the Coulter Principle for counting and measuring cells and particles, starting with the Model A. Along with a wide portfolio of other high-quality particle characterisation equipment, they have kept Beckman Coulter at the forefront of the industry.

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