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But What Is a Coulter Counter?

What is a Coulter Counter

For the last couple of years I have been writing posts on Coulter Counter applications, developments and history, some of which have been quite detailed, but this month I thought I would pause and give a simple summary for those who are new to the subject. Continue reading But What Is a Coulter Counter?

Multisizer 4e


A new member has been added to the Coulter Counter family, from Beckman Coulter, in the shape of the Multisizer 4e. With this instrument, particles and cells as small as 0.2 microns can be accurately counted and measured. Continue reading Multisizer 4e

Coulter Counters in the Study of Bacteria


As you will probably have read by now, the Coulter Principle was discovered in the 1940s by Wallace Coulter, who used it to develop a very quick and efficient way of carrying out blood cell counts. Since its introduction, its uses have expanded dramatically. Today, Coulter Counters can be found counting and sizing anything from toners to explosives, and from food to construction materials. Even so, the Coulter Principle still has a major role in the field of human health. Continue reading Coulter Counters in the Study of Bacteria