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Beckman Coulter

Dr Arnold O Beckman

Dr Arnold O Beckman

If you’re a user of Coulter Counters and the Coulter Principle, you will undoubtedly know something of their inventor, Wallace H Coulter. His name lives on through his many achievements, and in the name of the company that continues to perfect and manufacture Coulter Counters today: Beckman Coulter. I would now like to tell you a little about that company and its founder, Dr Arnold O Beckman. Continue reading Beckman Coulter

Meritics – for Coulter Counters and More

Meritics logo

I hope the information on the Coulter Counter website is proving useful to you, but if you would like some further – and very authoritative – advice on the use of these instruments or any other particle and material characterisation technology you should speak to Meritics. Continue reading Meritics – for Coulter Counters and More