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Benefits of the Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter

In my July post I summarised the features and capabilities of the new Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter from Beckman Coulter. There is never enough space in a short post to do justice to such a product advance, so I thought I would return to it and say something about what it will mean to those for whom particle characterisation is a vital task. Continue reading Benefits of the Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter

Multisizer 4e


A new member has been added to the Coulter Counter family, from Beckman Coulter, in the shape of the Multisizer 4e. With this instrument, particles and cells as small as 0.2 microns can be accurately counted and measured. Continue reading Multisizer 4e

Beckman Coulter’s Portfolio

Flow cytometry – Beckman Coulter

The story of the company founded by Dr Arnold O Beckman is one of non-stop innovation and expansion to ensure that scientists in the biomedical, life science and related fields have access to a full range of high-quality analytical instruments. As part of that growth, it has made a number of vital acquisitions – including that of the Coulter Corporation in 1997, which resulted in the new name Beckman Coulter. Continue reading Beckman Coulter’s Portfolio

Investigating Sea Water

Investigating sea waterToday my research on the Beckman Coulter website has turned up some useful application notes on using a Coulter Counter to count and size particles and cells in sea water. You can find and download the document yourself by visiting the site, clicking on the appropriate product area and then choosing ‘Literature’ in the right-hand column. Continue reading Investigating Sea Water

Beckman Coulter

Dr Arnold O Beckman

Dr Arnold O Beckman

If you’re a user of Coulter Counters and the Coulter Principle, you will undoubtedly know something of their inventor, Wallace H Coulter. His name lives on through his many achievements, and in the name of the company that continues to perfect and manufacture Coulter Counters today: Beckman Coulter. I would now like to tell you a little about that company and its founder, Dr Arnold O Beckman. Continue reading Beckman Coulter

Coincident Events

I’ve mentioned it before, but I think it’s well worth repeating, that Coulter Counter users can open up a mine of useful background information and application advice if they go to the Beckman Coulter website, Once you’re on the site, go to the relevant product section and then in the right-hand column click on ‘Literature’. In my latest search I came across some notes on ‘coincident events’ in relation to use of the Coulter Principle. Continue reading Coincident Events

Meritics – for Coulter Counters and More

Meritics logo

I hope the information on the Coulter Counter website is proving useful to you, but if you would like some further – and very authoritative – advice on the use of these instruments or any other particle and material characterisation technology you should speak to Meritics. Continue reading Meritics – for Coulter Counters and More