The Electrical Sensing Zone technique aka….

coulter counter techniqueThe Electrical Sensing Zone technique (also known as the Coulter Counter) has been used as a method of particle size measurement since it’s development in the 1950’s. Originally developed for counting blood cells, it was quickly realised that the ‘Coulter Counter’ could be of great help in particle size analysis of almost any powder, suspension or emulsion, providing rapid, reliable and reproducible results.

Since the Coulter Counter measures the particle volume ( one of the few techniques to measure an actual particle parameter rather than an effect of the particle on light or settling rate) it produces a particle size distribution by volume(weight), but it also has the advantage that it measures the particles individually (particle counting) and provides a particle count or concentration measurement.

One of the highest resolution techniques available it can measure and show extremely small changes in particle size.  With a number of ISO and ASTM standards for different applications,  the Coulter Counter offers an established technique for particle characterisation.

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